Directory & Location

Last First Title Department Phone Email
Aune Michael Professor PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2760 maune
Balch David Professor PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2725 dbalch
Davidson Steed Associate Professor PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2751 sdavidso
Ellis James Housekeeper I PLTS Operations & Maintenance jrellis
Evans Wade Director of Academic Administration & Student Life PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2737 wevans
Greig Aaron Accounting Technician II PLTS Administration (510) 559-2719 agreig
Groth Kara Pastoral Counselor PLTS Admission kgroth
Gulbranson Kathryn Pastoral Counselor PLTS Admission (510) 524-5264 gulbrans
Horne Erin Clerical Assistant PLTS Administration (510) 559-2727 ehorne
Jacobson Carol Associate Professor PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2762 jacobso
Jiminez Jerry Maintenance Worker PLTS Operations & Maintenance jjiminez
Johnson Edwin Assistant Director of Graduate Admission and Housing PLTS Admission (510) 559-2730 esjohnso
Johnson Holly Director of Admission - PLTS PLTS Admission (510) 559-2738 hajohnso
Maloney Michael Facilities Supervisor PLTS Operations & Maintenance (510) 559-2747 mmaloney
McDonald Gretchen Administrative Assistant to the Dean PLTS Dean's Office (510) 559-2731 gmcdonal
Miles Carol Visiting Lecturer PLTS Instruction cmiles
Ow Debora Business Operations Manager PLTS Administration (510) 559-2723 dow
Penumaka Moses Lecturer and Director of Theological Education for Emerging Ministries PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2728 mpenumak
Phillips Mary Jane Administrative Assistant PLTS TEEM mjphilli
Rogahn Roger Visiting Lecturer PLTS Instruction rrogahn
Schiefelbein Kyle Coordinator of Online Education PLTS Contextual Education (510) 559-2754 kschiefe
Seeger Rodney Pastoral Counselor PLTS Admission rseeger
Stein-Webber Brian Director of Seminary Relations PLTS Advancement (510) 559-2711 bsteinwe
Vargas Alicia Associate Dean & Associate Professor PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2736 avarga
Veen Leslie Lecturer & Director of Contextual Education PLTS Instruction (510) 559-2749 lveen
Wilson Sara Associate Director of Seminary Relations PLTS Advancement (510) 559-2717 slwilson

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